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garmin gpsmap 431s imageThis site is dedicated to providing consumers with factual and unbiased fish finder reviews, in order to provide you with in-depth information on some of the top selling models on the market. Before purchasing a fish finder, it’s recommended that you take a look at fish finder reviews, in order to determine which model is right for you and your budget. Fish finders are considered to be extremely effective tools that allow users to view fish and structure that they may not have known was there.  When searching for the right model, it can be overwhelming when you take into consideration all of the features and options available, such as pixels, transducers, power wattage and display screen size. But there is definitely one feature you shouldn’t go without and that’s a GPS.

In the event of an emergency, every boat should be equipped with a GPS, in order to help navigate homewards, or provide needed coordinates.  If the user tends to frequent uncharted bodies of water or they fish on a small lake, there are several programs available that are designed to allow the user to create their own maps, with the help of GPS. Purchasing a fish finder model that comes with this feature will definitely increase the cost, by at least fifty percent, however, it’s worth it.

The two common types of sonar available are side scan and down scan. The main difference between the two is that down scan will omit signals that are below the boat, while using side scan will involve signals that are fan-like and angled to the sides of a boat.

Portable fish finder models can be very enticing, when you’re in the market for a new fish finder. The portable devices are much cheaper than the fixed models, however, but don’t base your choice on the cost factor alone as it can potentially lead to both an increase in overall cost and inconvenience.

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Garmin GPSMAP 431S GPS Dual Beam Combo

garmin gpsmap 431s imageThe Garmin GPSMAP 431S GPS dual beam combo features preloaded maps and is compatible with blue chart cards. The highly sensitive GPS system helps to guide boats to the best fishing spots and allows the user to retrace their steps through the use of the fish finder’s sonar history. The display screen measures in at four inches and allows the angler to view all the necessary details that take place beneath the water, including structure, fish and obstacles.

The built-in base map and the model’s easy to use interface helps the user to navigate through the waters safely and quickly and the vision cards will provide such added features as high resolution satellite, 3D views, and the auto guidance technology that really comes in handy when fishing in saltwater. The included SD slot helps to make it easy to add more maps, without having to connect to your PC.

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Lowrance Elite-5x 5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder Review

lowrance elite 5x imageThis Lowrance elite 5×5 inch waterproof fish finder review will take a look at the specs and performance for this model, how it rated with consumers and the standout features that are included. The Lowrance elite 5×5 inch waterproof fish finder comes with the standard down scan imaging that is unique to Lowrance models. The new HDI technology combines Lowrance’s traditional broadband sounder with the down scan imaging technology, in one high resolution package.

This fish finder has a power rating of 250 W, and the manufacturer claims that the user will be able to see up to a depth of a thousand feet, at 50KHZ. Providing images that were described by consumers as crystal clear, the user will be able to see schools of fish, structure, and the bottom, on the high resolution five inch color display screen.

The Lowrance elite 5×5 inch waterproof fish finder is a great model for the angler that wants all the bells and whistles that come with higher end models, such as the high resolution sonar and broadband. This model can be used on boats of all sizes.

The Lowrance HDI series offers the combination of traditional sonar with the benefits of down scan. While the down scan feature is primarily used for locating structure, it tends to not be very accurate when it comes to spotting individual fish. Because of this, the user will be better off using traditional sonar. The down scan overlay allows you to view one screen that shows structure and bottom, trees and rocks and the sonar will allow you to view suspended arches. This way, the user will be able to catch the fish that are hiding deep inside cover.

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Humminbird 597ci HD Combo Review

humminbird 597ci hd combo picThe Humminbird 597ci HD combo review features the exclusive down imaging technology, which allows the user to see what’s going on below the boat, in addition to the switch fire sonar that will provide the ability to view routing history. This model’s dual beam technology provides a wider and clearer view under the boat and the GPS fifty channel receiver comes with several preloaded maps. The SD card slot is designed to save maps and waypoints, allowing the angler to mark any well populated fishing spots. The down imaging sonar provides an accurate view of what’s going on beneath the boat, allowing the user to spot all of the details with the use of the five inch backlit LED display screen. The dual beam plus feature is adjustable from twenty to sixty degrees, with the twenty degree setting providing clearer images of fish and more details of the fiver or ocean floor, while the sixty degree setting will allow wider viewing coverage. The two beams can be viewed separately or side by side, depending on the user’s preference.

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