Furuno FCV587


Furuno FCV587

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The Furuno FCV587 fish finder comes from a line of devices that continue to improve and grow when it comes to accuracy and features. The FCV587 offers the user a new and improved LCD screen, a fish size assessment tool and solid waterproof construction.

Furuno FCV587 Fish Finder Review: Top Features

The extra features included are not commonly found on other fish finder devices. While you initially may not think of the Accu-fish and bottom discrimination modes as necessary tools for fishing, once you use them, it’ll be hard to even consider going on your next fishing trip without your Furuno fish finder on your boat.

The Accu-fish feature will tell you the size of the fish below the boat and the depth of the water where the fish are found. It’s able to detect the size for fish as small as four inches and as large as six feet. They depth of the water detected can be measured from seven to three-hundred feet. This is handy information, especially if you’re trying to locate a particular size or type of fish.

The fish finder’s bottom discrimination mode will give you graphical information regarding the makeup of the bottom under a boat. This is done by classifying the sea bed into one of the following categories: gravel, rocks, mud, or sand. This type of information can help you to locate any potential hazards, find promising fishing grounds and a good spot to throw in the anchor. You can choose to view this information in a probability graph or graphical representation.

Both visual and audio alarms will alert you when the device has reached the water depth limit. Other alarms can be set for fish alerts and water temperature.

Image Quality for the FCV587 by Furuno

The different display modes include dual frequency, low or high frequency, nav data, zoom, marker zoom, A-scope, bottom lock or bottom zoom. The fish finder’s TLL output will allow you to interface the device with the Furuno chartplotter, so you’ll be able to mark off any spot you want and save it so you can return on any future fishing trips.

The DSP filter will not only help to make the picture clearer, but it can also tell the difference between large fish and baitfish.

The 5.7 inch LCD color display screen offers excellent readability and auto adjustment technology and FDF technology, which helps adjust clutter. The result is a much cleaner picture that makes it easy to decipher between larger species of fish and baitfish.

What Consumers had to say about this Furuno Fish Finder

Consumers gave this model four out of five stars for image quality, accuracy and the Accu-fish and bottom discrimination modes. This model truly sets you up for a successful fishing excursion and the highly intuitive features make this model at steal for the price. Consumers who were new to using fish finders found this model to be very user friendly and would definitely recommend it. Currently, this model is priced at $692.47. A fish finder that comes equipped with all the bells and whistles, the FCV587 is a well-rounded device that will quickly become a necessary part of your angling experiences.

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