Humminbird 4086501 PiranhaMax


Humminbird 4086501 PiranhaMax

Considered one of the best manufacturers of fish finder devices, learn about this bestselling model from Humminbird, take a closer look at some of the features, learn more about its performance on the water and also find out how you can...


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The Humminbird 4086501 PiranhaMAX fish finder is designed for the beginner and the pro angler. An ideal model for individuals who need a dependable fish finder that doesn’t cost a small fortune, the 175 features a greyscale screen and surprisingly powerful dual beam sonar.

Humminbird 4086501 PiranhaMax 175 Fish Finder Review: Dual Beam Technology

Humminbird 4086501 PiranhaMax 175 fish finder utilizes dual beam sonar, which features 1600 watts of power and is able to detect underwater structures and fish, down to a depth of approximately six-hundred feet.  It’s also one of the most affordable models of dual beam devices on the market. Dual beam technology is definitely a step above single beam sonar because it can penetrate deeper depths of water. While one beam provides you with a closer look at the structures underneath the boat, the second sixty degree beam is hard at work locating fish.

The display screen measures in at four inches and offers a resolution of 240 by 160 pixels. Sonar results appear on the display in sixteen level greyscale. While top of the line fish finders now commonly offer high resolution color displays, this models sticks with greyscale in order to accommodate the low price tag. So while it may not be as flashy as some models of fish finders, it get the job done well and accurately. Included is an LED backlight, allowing the images on the display screen to be easily viewed, even in direct sunlight or on cloudy days.

What comes with the 175 by Humminbird?

This highly portable unit comes with a custom carrying case, battery charger, suction cup transducer and a 7 AH battery. It’s a great device to take when you travel or if you’re renting a boat, since the fish finder can be easily dismounted or mounted, thanks to the suction cup. Keep in mind that you will need to clean the suction cup after each use in order to mount the fish finder properly. Also, it’s recommended that you mount the device on metal surfaces only, for the best results.

How Consumers Rated the Humminbird 175 Fish Finder

Consumers gave this very basic fish finder a rating of four out of five stars. While you may be surprised at such a high rating for a fish finder that’s best described as simple and efficient, this device does exactly as promised, which is accurately locating underwater structures and fish. If you need more from a fish finder model, such as built-in GPS or more advanced technology in order to locate fish based on size or species, then you’ll need to look elsewhere. But if you’re shopping around for a durable, dependable model that can provide you with results consistently for years to come, then the 175 by Humminbird is an excellent choice and comes highly recommended by anglers who have taken it out on the water. It’s also a good choice for a second fish finder, if you need one for travel. Most models that are designed for professional anglers can easily cost you twice the price and can be very difficult to navigate or setup. The price of this model reflects its durability and accuracy. Currently, this fish finder comes with a one year warranty and is priced at $627.54

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