Humminbird 409380-1 398ci


Humminbird 409380-1 398ci

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The Humminbird 398ci fish finder may be small, but it comes packed with a large variety of powerful and impressive features that can really take your fishing experience to the next level. This compact device is one of the smallest to offer side imaging and it also comes with built-in GPS and chart plotting capabilities.

Humminbird 409380-1 398ci Fish Finder Review: Featuring Innovative Side Imaging Technology

This fish finder by Humminbird includes the latest technology that can improve your chances of catching fish, while still making it a fun and challenging experience. This model can be easily mounted on any craft for added security, with hardware included.

The side imaging feature provides a clear viewing experience, allowing you to take a closer look at the environment under the boat. This feature provides a 180 degree side to side view beneath the boat. The high frequency beams will reveal cover, structure, fish and any contour changes.

The sonar technology works to define and locate fish and any structures beneath the boat. Standard sonar will work by using a cone shaped beam in a straight line, while side-imaging sonar will cast two beams that are parallel. The side imaging sonar can cover a distance of up to 240ft in each direction, which gives you a total of 480ft of coverage. This feature will perform best when using boat speeds that are between two and six miles per hour. If you have anchored the boat, then the side imaging feature will simply display the same information repeatedly until the boat begins moving.

The device’s transducer will send out a sound wave signal and can determine the distance by measuring the time between the sound wave and transmission and when the sound wave is reflected off a structure. The transducer then uses the reflected signal to determine the exact size and location of any object in the water, including fish and structures.

Top Features for the 398ci Humminbird Fish Finder

The 3.5 inch LED display with backlight makes this device easy to read in any type of lighting. Consumers loved this model’s GPS accuracy and the chartplotting and Unimap features allow you to save waypoints so you’ll always remember the best spots for fishing. The SD card slot gives you the option of adding additional maps and saving waypoints. Other favorite features include a temperature alarm, and selectable background and display color schemes.

How Consumers Rated this Humminbird Fish Finder

Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for ease of use, pricing, the side imaging feature and the accuracy of the GPS. While smaller than most top selling models on the market, this fish finder will provide you with the power and accuracy you need for your next fishing adventure. Currently, this model is priced at $445.57.

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