Humminbird Helix 5


Humminbird Helix 5

Take a look at this best selling model by Humminbird, learn about the features it has to offer and also find out what consumers had to say regarding its performance


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The Humminbird Helix 5 DI fish finder with built-in GPS, features a five inch color display with backlight. Also included is the popular down imaging feature and a dual beam PLUS sonar. A bestselling model, consumers flock to this fish finder due to the innovative features it has to offer, the 480 x 800 resolution display and crystal clear five inch display screen. This device will significantly improve your chances of locating fish and prevent accidents caused by large structures in the water, while also allowing you to keep track of the most populated fishing spots around.

Humminbird Helix 5 Fish Finder Review: Product Overview and the Switchfire Sonar Feature

The down imaging sonar technology allows you to view what’s going on beneath the boat. The images provided are pretty impressive, thanks to the high frequency sound waves. The Switchfire sonar includes max and clear modes. You can use the max mode to see zoo plank populations, bait, game fish and natural man-made structures. The max mode also gives you the ability to view jig action onscreen. The clear mode will produce a clearer image, while also working to filter out weaker signals and debris. Color-coding is also included. The color coding will display which objects are the closest to the boat. You can also choose to change the color coding scheme in order to accommodate nighttime or overcast viewing.


The dual beam transducer plus sonar provides wider coverage and can penetrate 1,500 feet. The user can utilize the narrow beam for high accuracy returns. The wide beam is designed to be used to search large areas.

The manufacturer provides software that’s upgradable. Software upgrades are available directly from the manufacturer’s website. These upgrades will improve the ongoing performance of your Helix 5, which can keep you feeling confident that you’re using a valid device for many years to come.

The Helix 5 by Humminbird: A Closer look inside


According to consumers, the GPS feature on the Helix 5 is a big improvement when compared to the GPS capabilities of past Humminbird models. The Unimap feature is a map that covers the US coastline, rivers and inland lakes. This feature provides 3D charts, which are displayed in color.  You can store over two-thousand waypoints or forty-five specific routes.

You have the option to mount the device using a gimbal mount or in-dash. The mounting hardware is included.

How Consumers Rated the Helix 5 by Humminbird

Consumers gave this fish finder by Humminbird a score of four out of five stars, for ease of use, accuracy and pricing. Definitely a step up from Humminbird models of the past, this powerful fish finder will show you where the action is, in any type of weather, day or night. Recommended for both newbies and seasoned anglers, the Helix 5 is currently priced at $349.99.

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