Lowrance 000-10236-001 Review


Lowrance 000-10236-001

Price: $499.99

The Lowrance 000-10236-001 fish finder provides unique fish finding images, and precision GPS navigation, and it’s also surprisingly affordable.


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In this Lowrance 000-10236-001review we’ll take a look at how this model rated with consumers, what features come included and the extra’s Lowrance has to offer, while also learning about some of the common issues users had when navigating through the unit’s menu and display setting options. The Lowrance 000-10236-001 fish finder provides unique fish finding images, and precision GPS navigation, and it’s also surprisingly affordable.

Lowrance 000-10236-001 Overview and Specs

This model’s exclusive down scan imaging display provides a crystal clear photo like view of the waters below the boat. This model leaves nothing to the imagination, in terms of fish, boundary layers between the cooler and warmer waters and oxygen rich zones where fish hangout. The user will also be able to distinguish between soft and hard bottoms, as well as structure and fish.

The advanced transducer features a slimmer new profile, higher speeds and a transom mount. The imaging transducer offers an exclusive Skimmer DSI down looking crystal, as well as a trolling motor mount bracket option and built in temp sensor.

The Top Selling Lowrance Model Feature

A top selling feature, the unit offers a front mounted, internal, sixteen channel, high sensitivity GPS antenna, which provides superior navigation, even when the model is mounted in-dash. There is also an external antenna option available.

The waterproof micro SD card slot will accept the most current map card options, including Lake Master, Fishing Hot Spots and Pro USA.

The high resolution display screen measures in at five inches and is said to deliver detail at wider angles, even in bright sunlight, with consumers stating that the display brightness is unmatched.

The model’s expanded sonar imaging display color palette choices allow the user to experience optimum viewing by featuring a number of customizable settings for light and water conditions.

The track back feature will allow you to save the gas that would otherwise be spent on attempting to retrace your steps and is considered to be a huge timesaver, due to the ability to scroll back through imaging sonar history. This fish finder’s unique quick bracket design and new keypad offers one hand viewing adjustment and easy installation.

Final Thoughts on the Lowrance 000-10236-001

Some consumers complained that when using the fish finder option, the model does not allow you to use full color, but instead offers only a few, two color options.

Consumers state that the GPS feature worked well and helps to automatically feed both the location and boat speed to the display screen, while the model’s transducer provides both water surface temp and depth. This model received three out of five stars for the consumer rating.

Described as easy to use, this unit comes with a number of load presets and automatic settings, and doesn’t require much in terms of a system setup.

A downside for this model is the included user’s manual.  Difficult to navigate through, and described as not particularly intuitive, this guide can be pretty confusing for some.

Overall, most users had no issues using this fish finder and gave it a rating of three out of five stars, for performance and affordability.

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