Raymarine Dragonfly 7


Raymarine Dragonfly 7

Learn more about this top selling model by Raymarine, get a closer look at the features it has to offer, how it rated with consumers and what you can expect in terms of accuracy and overall performance...


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The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 fish finder utilizes the CHIRP down vision technology, which allows transmission of a broad spectrum of frequencies that can provide clearer images. This type of technology will enable the user to view structure and fish like never before.

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fish Finder Review: Top Features

The Raymarine 7 also offers the trackback feature, which can store your search history. This type of feature will allow you to easily navigate back to waypoints, without wasting time, energy and fuel attempting to retrace your steps manually.

The built-in sonar GPS also makes navigating through the waters easy and is an important feature to have, especially if you’re trying out a new fishing spot. The SD slot is designed for media storage. You can use the SD card slot to insert map cards, which can assist you further with navigation and saving important waypoints. This device is compatible with Hotmaps and Navonics gold and silver map cards.

While most fish finders utilize a single frequency for sonar, the 7 uses CHIRP technology which is able to transmit a broad spectrum of frequencies. This will provide you with lifelike, clear images.

A look at the Specs for the Dragonfly 7

This model weighs in a five pounds, measuring in at twelve by ten by six inches in three dimensions and offers an impressive seven inch display screen.

The CPT 60 transom mount transducer is a dual element and is exclusively used in Raymarine fish finder models.

The large, high resolution display screen utilizes LED technology, making it easy to view images even in sunny conditions.

This device is very similar to the Raymarine Dragonfly 6, however, this model features a larger display screen, which is a huge plus for loyal Raymarine consumers. Obviously, with the larger display screen comes a higher price tag, when compared to the Dragonfly 6.

The 7 comes with everything you need to enjoy your fish finder, right out of the box, including power cable, mounting hardware, transom mount transducer and user’s manual.

Some consumers had complaints regarding the difficulty with the setup process. If you’re totally new to fish finding technology you may need some help setting the 7 up. Should you run into issues you can take a look at the Raymarine website for support or call their customer support line.

How Consumers Rated the Dragonfly 7 by Raymarine

Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for accuracy, image quality and the larger display screen.  While this fish finder received a high consumer rating, some common issues with this particular model include the size of the cord, the complex setup process and difficulty navigating the menu, and shipping limitations. The cable for the 7 is pretty short and may require the use of an extension cable if you’re using it on a larger boat. This device is not recommended for individuals with no prior experience with fish finders. If you’re a newbie and decide to purchase this model you may need to rely on customer support and fish finder forums to assist you with the setup process and any other issues you may have when it comes to adjusting the settings or operating certain features. Unfortunately, this product is only shipped within the U.S. The Dragonfly 7 is priced at $711.25.

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